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Forecasts powered by Akkio


What is Product Wars 2?

The best new way to monitor your launch day on Product Hunt

Inspired by the original Product Wars, we found ourselves wanting more actionable information during the launch of Akkio. We watched ourselves pull into first place on the votes chart, but our rank remained #2 throughout the afternoon and early evening. 

We wanted a way to know if we would eventually achieve first place (we got there right before midnight Pacific Time). We realized that we could apply the Akkio machine learning engine to the problem.

So we built Product Wars 2. 


Machine Learning Forecasted Outcomes

We trained a machine learning model to forecast the end-of-day ranking given the current rank and trajectory. We update the model every minute - so you can get a sense of where you will finish the day given your current metrics as well as those of the “competition.” 

This model is trained on past performance and final placement outcomes - so it captures a bunch of intangible aspects of the Product Hunt ranking algorithm. By reverse engineering from prior performance and results, the model can account for the under-the-cover weightings that impact your final position. 


Product Specific Dashboard Pages

We also wanted a product-specific dashboard where we could see more detailed and actionable metrics. So we built that too. We turn down the chart’s competitive noise and show you your performance and the key metrics you need to hit to climb the ranks and win the war. 

The dashboard is easily shareable with your supporters. Activate your community so they can cheer you on and help spread the word when you need that extra awareness boost. Just click the Twitter button to share your product launch dashboard!

Your dashboard page is unique to your product - so you can also grab the link at the top and share it on social media! 

We hope you like it - feel free to send suggestions for features to support@akk.io. And if you are interested in applying no-code ML to your product, check us out at Akkio.  

Product Wars 2 - Monitor your Product Hunt Launch with Machine Learning | Product Hunt
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